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One Big Happy Family in the House of Insanity
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[!Under Construction! Wear Construction Helmets! Beware Random Plot Holes!]

[Insert Kaa-san's greeting.] Welcome to The House. Feel free to drop by for a visit, but know that only family members may join. Go ahead and look at the posts if you wish, just know that most of this community (if not all) is completely random, and you'll probably not understand most of it. We don't even know why you bother wasting your time to read this. You must be very, very, bored. ♥

Oh, but know that every visit is three dollars for admission. The house doesn't pay itself, now, does it? ♥ [/greeting]


We’re not sure what color it was originally….because Obasan decided to white-wash and graffiti the building, making it a somewhat debatable mauve/puce/neon green color.

Rooms of Interest

The Cursed Window
Ah...in order to reach this window you must first go through the front window, take a left into the living room, travel straight through the kitchen, take a right at the clock (the green one) take a left at the next clock (bluish-green), take a right at Otomesan's room, go back down the hallway, take a left at the clock (the green one), and walk past the front window and up the stairs and take a right into the room with the door boarded with "Cursed Window Room" signs.

The cursed window is the one upon which, under unforeseeable and entirely unregrettable circumstances, Peter Pan was thrown to his death because Obasan chucked him out the window. This is also where Tinkerbel lives.

The window is the family's method for getting rid of unwanted guests. Take Kaasan for example. Generally when Kaasan is feeling very vindictive towards the smurfs and wants to off them she sometimes chucks them out the window.

Nekozawa is sometimes known to haunt this room in the shadows, althought we never know for certain since we turn the lights on when we enter...

It's also suspected that a doctor and his unwanted associate frequent the building. Obasan has videos of the blond one being repeatedly pushed out the window by the doctor repeatedly...like a stuck DVD. Of course. Whenever we enter somehow they both aren't there...though...our opening the door is often accompanied by a large "OOMPH" from beyond the window and cursing soon after.

The Extra Bathroom

Mayuri's in there.
He's naked in the bathtub.
Don't go in there unless you want to be decapitated by an electric toothbrush.
Enough said.

The Family:

[Pic TBA]
Otousan :: demytasse
Character Influences: Tamaki, Demyx
[info TBA]

[Pic TBA]
Okaasan :: sk_chan
Character Influences: Kyouya, Umeda, Axel

Tall, and damn well likes it. Can often be seen on the laptop, typing away. Loves to cosplay, and often gets ideas on who to cosplay, but ends up wanting to do a different character two days later.

Dislikes Obasan's "plans". Says they should be spelled with a lowercase "p".

The one who keeps things in order, doing things such as handling money (using many ways to do so) and scheduling. If Kaa-san wasn't around, there'd be chaos beyond imagination.

Loves to be around Tou-san, but often has to deal with his (or is it her? Genders in this are confusing...) bouts of silliness...although, even if it doesn't show, enjoys being with him/her in the end.

Has a Death Note nearby and uses it as a threat. Don't mess with the holder of the Death Note. Also uses the "scary look" if needed, and although appearing calm, can become quite violent.

[Pic TBA]
Obasan :: keylah
Character Influences: Kaoru, Tsuzuki, Akiha, Vexen

Probably the shortest in the family, she’s often tied up and left behind the curtains in the living room with the half-dead fairy Tinkerbell.

More often than not, she plots and formulates Plans (With a Capital “P”!!) Which stew to the consistency of curdled milk…at which point she improvises like crazy when given the opportune moment.

Tending to mistake the windows for doors, and often falling flat upon her face when entering the mauve/puce/neon green house, she can be a bit clumsy at times which can be dangerous when she's holding her pet chainsaw Rusty.

She now has in her possession, a large troop of grammar smurfs who seem impervious to Kaasan's attempts to toss them out the cursed window. So far, the known members of the troop are Smae and Qierd...Smae's third cousin twice removed.

She also likes stealing things. Kaa-san’s Glasses and Death note in particular and has a gigantic jar of Tinkerbell’s fairy dust somewhere.

[Kaa-san: -shakes fist-]

[Pic TBA]
Musumesan :: mewithe
Character Influences: Haruhi, Roxas

The tallest of the entire family, but acts like the youngest. This isn't to be confused with Obasan's insanity, because insanity doesn't equal acting like the youngest. Because I say so! Also loves to point out her height to the two more height-challenged of the family. Won't mention any names... because they'd hit me. D:

[Obasan:...-thwaps you anyway-]

[Musumesan: DX ;~;]

One of the more stable family members, even though she does have her insane moments, especially when people mention chainsaws or kitties. She loves chainsaws.

She dubbed her room 'The Room of the Pika', because it's got a Pikachu guarding against any invaders. Like Obasan or Otousan. >_> She doesn't trust people with her plushies or figurines...

Lastly, when it comes to Tinkerbell's predicament, she'd like to keep Tinkerbell as a pet. Sadly, Obasan and Okaasan just ignore her when she says this. Abusive and ignoring their daughter/niece. So mean.

Extra Bodies:

Obasan brought along Cheese. We leave him in the laundry room where he watches his favorite show (although we're not sure on what it is, since he constantly flips through the channels as soon as we check up on him).

[Obasan: Kaasan. I think he watches the international pr0n channel.]

[Kaasan: I wouldn't be surprised.]

The washing machine. (Cheese needed a buddy.)

‘Kaa-san brought along Mayuri, we’re not exactly sure what he’s up to, but we usually find him in the extra bathroom. He's often naked, so don't be alarmed.

The most recent acquisition is Tinkerbell. She arrived with Peter Pan while he was in search of a mother….unfortunately, Kaa-san was already taken so Oba-san pitched him out the window where he met his demise (oops). Tinkerbell lives behind the curtains where Oba-san visits her sometimes when she’s chained behind the curtains by the rest of the family.

Currently it is being decided whether the most money would be gained from selling the fairy on ebay or on the black market.

Obasan personally votes for selling the remains to a scientist in exchange for lots of money.

*New* Rusty the Chainsaw, owned by Obasan and Otomesan...unfortunately...we don't think that 'Kaasan likes Rusty very much, so he usually stays under the bed until his weekly trip to the park.

Ryuuku the Shinigami tends to hang around Kaa-san quite a bit as well. We think he came with the Death Note to possibly get it back, but only Kaa-san knows truly why he's there. He doesn't seem like a threat, but if you can see him, his appearance may cause you to have a heart attack (and you don't even have to use the Death Note for this one).

Smae and the rest of the grammar Smurf troop. Smae, his cousin Qierd, and the gang, live under the bed with Rusty the chainsaw since Kaasan doesn't like them since they messes up her spelling and she is constantly trying to kill him with her deathbook. Unfortunately, the smurfs are impervious to the Death Note since they're all blue, and look nearly identical so it's difficult to tell them apart so the Death Note can't match the exact face ti the right name...and this immortality drives Kaasan to the brink of insanity.

There's also that aforementioned Pikachu that guards Otomesan's room. He mostly just stays there, since he's afraid of Cheese and that washing machine friend of his.